About us – Cannabis Culture

About us – Cannabis Culture

The Weed Blog bringing cannabis culture together. We are your number one guide to cannabis news, views, reviews, grow guides and much more.

Cannabis is our favorite topic and our passion that we can’t help but share with you, so join us on our journey for wonderment and the quest for knowledge.

How we bring cannabis culture together

The Weed Blog is here to educate and inform South Africans on all things cannabis.

We will be exploring news, reviews, rumors, views, grow guides, cannabis seeds and everything in between. We aim to provide you with the most accurate information we can so that you too can be inspired by the many uses of marijuana and share your knowledge with others.

This guide is for all types of people who want to know more about the world of weed, separating fact from fiction, myths from truths and debunking crazy notions about these plants that have been circulating over the many many years.

Getting into contact

We would love to you hear from you so drop us a line at info@theweedblog.co.za

Don’t be shy to share your thoughts, opinions and crazy ideas with us, I promise that we will not judge.

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