Granddaddy Purple Strain Review

Granddaddy Purple Strain Review

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Granddaddy Purple Weed Strain

History of Granddaddy Purple.

Granddaddy Purple weed, also known as GDP is a famous all-Indica cannabis strain that stems from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The Granddaddy Purple’s flowers blossom in various shades of deep purple. This is a strong contrast against the snow-like dusting of white crystal trichomes, that completely cover the plant. GDP inherits its complex grape and berry aroma from its parent plant, Purple Urkle. Its potent psychoactive effects are plainly visible in both the mind and the body.

GDP’s Grow type and Yield

As an indoor yield, Granddaddy Purple is happy in both hydro or soil grows. With a pure Indica heritage, this plant is inclined to be short, thick and bushy. Granddaddy branches widely, making her not as perfect for SOG style develops. She can however, be grown to make a great super yield garden. The flowering time for GDC is 60 days and produces a massive commercial yield, ready to be harvested once the plants have flowered.

Best time to consume Granddaddy purple.

An all-Indica marijuana strain such as Granddaddy Purple is best used in the evening because of its extremely potent body high. Strains such as GDC are best used for patients that are looking to treat pain, stress, muscle spasms, insomnia and appetite loss.



There’s a strong, undeniable grape tinge to this plant’s fragrance, and a sweet grape taste that waits naturally on the tongue. For an Indica marijuana strain, her buzz is shockingly ready and vibrant as opposed to calming. This is a decent smoke for strolling in the high hills and swimming in the lake shortly after. Restoratively, this variety has offered help for tumour or chemotherapy patients.

Its powerful psychoactive effects are seen in both personality and body, showing a combination of cerebral happiness and physical unwinding. While your mind may drift in a fantastic buzz, your body is more prone to discover itself sitting in one spot for as long as you’ve been stoned. Like most overwhelming Indica mixtures, Granddaddy Purple is commonly pulled off the rack to treat torment, stress, sleep deprivation and muscle fits.


Granddaddy Purple has taken first prize in nothing under four pot rivalries: The Inglewood Medical Cannabis Cup in 2004, and the Green Cup in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Strains that are similar to Granddaddy Purple are AK-47, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies.


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